Hungry Monster!!!

the life of an nsf whose name is chen yonghui

only the section of his life outside camp may be let known to others to avoid breaching the army security policies. but as if many wants to find out how is he doing while he is away from his real life for 5 days and even those precious moments he returns to civilisation. you are probably here just to find out how weird he can be and after seeing this you are more or less settled that he is that unusual.

well, this weird fellow has his own pursuits and history that he can share, if one is willing to listen.

he keeps himself busy with the computer, watching japanese dramas, researching on how to remove stretchmarks, the cheapest deals for electronic gadgets, the great places to go for buffet and other self-improvement topics even like leadership. at other times he pursues his interests such as dieting and playing music. he spends quite some time on reflecting too.

actually, he is quite boring and is rather poor at talking crap now. he enjoys talking about life, future plans, relationships and people’s problems. that’s probably why his actions don’t match the way he thinks; the former being childish while the latter being lao3-gu2-dong3-ish. other things that excites him include food sampling, participating in lucky draws and contests, the chinese entertainment industry and how to be good.

his father thinks he is arrogant but he actually avoids attention and praise from others. at times he realises that his father understands him quite well and the situations he faces from the short conversations he had on his way to camp but he just gets annoyed whenever his dad gets drunk. (very frequently)

his mum gives him a lot of freedom and buys lots of food for him and he surely enjoys that. however, he always wanted his mum to save up on all the kacang puteh she buys, ranging from too many breads to clothes that she will throw away in very few weeks after purchase.

his sister is a straightforward person who knows what she wants. they used to quarrel a lot in the past but it seems like their relationship improved greatly in recent years. they start doing things together such as jogging, having meals and watching shows. (i know these are really common with normal families)

now he just hopes for the ord to arrive, do relief teaching during the break and get into ntu’s accountancy course. later, he would look forward to work-life balance and perhaps more true friends.


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