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Feng Shui Lun Liu Zhuan 风水轮流转
June 15, 2008, 1:49 am
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I’ve spent this week anticipating and craving for Sakura buffet… but the numerous changes in the training schedule foiled my plans.Argh! I thought going for the Parkway Parade Sakura after the East Coast run was a good idea since both my platoon friends and platoon 2 people could dine together. When the run was cancelled, I immediately thought of Jurong West Sakura so we could just carry on albeit at a different venue. Then… the book out timing was brought forward! …and my precious last buffet before I continue my weight losing plan became Sakae Sushi which was… Bad… =X

Okay I actually enjoyed some of the food (:

I loved the mango! It was so sweet and it masked the presence of the rice!

However, the rest of the food was either average or sucky – total waste of space in my stomach and not worth the weight I’ll gain from it. Luckily I vomitted! (oops) but I did chew the fishcake so I couldn’t see it unlike Shah’s vomit when we ate at Sembawang SC Sakae so long ago! I could still remember that scene!

Oh ya! The price also increased to $20 after 17% which makes Sakura so much more worth it. Haiz to the food but I enjoyed the company with Simon, Yuding and Weng Kin (:

I actually wanted to find out the price and time period for Marina Square Sakae supper buffet today but I’m not going to give Sakae Sushi buffet any more chances. I’ll ban it!

Meanwhile… I’m going to be serious about my diet! The gold people are coming back and I must get used to the loss of some peacefulness as soon as possible. Yeah! Do not sulk when people don’t behave how you expect them to behave but accept them for who they are! – Hard to achieve eh?


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I also ate it recently. BUT IT SUCK!

Not going there again…

I went there and almost everything is sold out. WHAT CRAP!

Comment by MarcusDot


Comment by MarcusDot

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