Hungry Monster!!!

Okay. I’m actually quite budget at times! =P
June 7, 2008, 2:11 am
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I’m so disappointed by what i’ve ate today! It’s the baked rice from Bento Box at Jurong Point. (I know I shouldn’t have even ordered that at a Japanese dining place but I really craved for cheese at that moment =P)

Well, first things first, it’s supposed to be a special set but all there was in the set was the place of rice! You call that a set?! (Haha. I actually saw the picture which displayed only the rice but the other “set meals” they sold came with some extras!)

Next, the cheese didn’t even fill up the whole plate! (Shouldn’t it? Haha.) I felt like eating fried rice with some cheese on top. For that price it’s super overpriced! If it’s served by the cookhouse I’d rather throw it away! It’s not even worth the fats and weight I gain from eating this!

I’m not gonna eat at random places that are not well established anymore.. (As much as possible…) Haha. Foodcourts are really worse, especially stalls with no accreditation from food advertising shows or some awards. (You can choose to disagree by recommending some nice places to eat HAHA.) Yeah.

No matter how trivial the above-mentioned topic was, it boils down to one thing and that’s I need to spend my money wisely! With that being said, I really hope to get a new pair of sneakers ASAP (:


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all u tink bout is food, food and FOOD. ahha. contradicting ehhhhhh.

Comment by slayergurl89

yes yes! that’s why i can never really lose weight! But this time round i’m going to be very determined! Watch me! haha

Comment by chenmimi

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