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I’m not that budget okay?! Haha.
June 7, 2008, 1:54 am
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Recently I’ve been getting myself physically injured. I could still remember a few weeks ago when we had to do the bridge exercise for as long as possible.

Well, I never thought of being the one to hold in that position for the longest; I actually wanted to give up within the 1st minute. However, nobody else went down then and because of that I endured longer. Longer until I realised I was one out of three left in the “competition.” I actually managed to emerge victorious but that’s not the point… I suffered from some awful injuries due to abrasion on my arm and those who are more naive actually thought I went through it just to get the reward: a can of drink. Shudders.

I’m not that budget okay!

I’m a very realistic person who more or less can predict whether I can achieve a goal or not. To me, completing that task was like challenging myself beyond my limit and I do enjoy it.

Today, I tried to avoid subsequent attempts to rock climbing because I thought I couldn’t make it. However, out of guilt, I made another attempt and during it but got myself injured again! Guess what? There was sort of a reward for completing it again. I know I didn’t complete it because of that… Though this is such a small matter, I thought it actually revealed my personality of not wanting to disappoint others and to overcome my fears. I really appreciated the encouragements I received and found myself clearing the wall to be amazing! Ah…

This post is written just to let you know a little more about me. I’m really not how you think I am on the surface. Don’t be mistaken! (:


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hahaha. feeling wuliao so decided to read all ur posts, since so little only. yeshh, u r nt superficial! aye aye captain~ *salutes* hahaha!!

Comment by slayergurl89

It is quite amazing you actually went to find a picture of that “bridge exercise”.

And that picture is quite HMMMM “LONELY”.

Comment by MarcusDot

the picture was very easy to find okay. tried to spice up abit ma.. like yours so many pictures. hahaha

Comment by chenmimi

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