Hungry Monster!!!

I spend like that

Okay this is some sort of a wishlist page haha.

1) Electronic weighing machine – Haha I actually have one weighing machine at home but it’s the kind you step on then the scale will rotate… It’s also getting more and more inaccurate that I need to manually adjust 6kg more to tally it with electronic ones. Awww… I think one way that makes you genuinely happy for a while is seeing yourself lose weight! =)

2) Nokia E-51 Non-camera – I’m hoping to get it for like $0 2 year plan since that was offered during SAF pride day. Ever since my blackberry died on me I cannot write my diary in camp anymore. Also, I’m that type who likes to note down alot of memos… whether quotes from books I browse but don’t buy to comparing of prices between stores. (So budget right! =P) Ah! I want it!… Since no one can tell me where can I repair my blackberry or get a new battery for it. 😦

3) Sneakers (Just one with basic colour) – I never had a pair of sneakers in my life. (So deprived right? haha) Anyway those who know me probably are aware that I don’t really care about fashion (Or rather I have poor fashion sense) so I hope to get one that can match most types of clothings… Hiakking you are so gonna be my shopping buddy cos I know you’ll help me get the cheapest deals (=P Shy) and not someone who calls himself “the cutest guy on earth!” Compared to him you can really smell the 穷酸味 in me… Hahaha..

***Update: I bought this already! 14th June 2008. It’s not on offer, nett price =(

4) I want to be so thin such that I won’t grow fat no matter how much I eat.. like Hiakking! (Yes you!) – This may seem impossible.. Some claim that it got to do with the genes. Metabolic rate… yada yada yada.. I’m just gonna try. Hiakking doesn’t even exercise and goes for lots of carbo-rich stuff and is still underweight! So envious la. So here’s what I’m gonna do:

  • No rice for me in camp
  • Have fruits before meal
  • Don’t finish the meat
  • No bread
  • No cordial
  • No skin, no fats
  • Pray that I will lose weight


  • Inverted pyramid diet: Eat enough during breakfast and very little for dinner
  • Eat >2 fruits before lunch and dinner
  • No sweet drinks
  • No Marks and Spencers’ snacks… I’m determined!
  • Crunches before sleeping
  • No skin, no fats
  • Still pray that I will lose weight…

Haha. I will update my progress. =P

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